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The Last Entry

November 21, 1963

I have to go to Texas today. I need to start setting my platform for next year’s campaign. With all that is going on with Lyndon, I worry I may need to find a new VP to run with next year.

Jackie and I will be touching down in San Antonio first. I’ll make my rounds in Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas as well. I really hope I will be home for John Jr.’s birthday. I saw him crying whwn we left on Air Force One this morning. I hate to see him cry. I know the people in Texas don’t like me much. Much of the Texas Democratic Party doesn’t like me or Lyndon and he is from this state. We have to find some common ground in order to have a chance at winning Texas next year.

Jackie is worried about all of this, but I reassured her that everything will be fine. It is getting late, we had a long day today. We will ride through Dallas tomorrow before I have to go to that luncheon. I am tired of the friction between everyone, I hope we can sort it all out tomorrow.

More Names, More Pain

It hit close to home this time. Charlotte, NC just a few hours from where I reside. A man, a cop, death.

Keith Lamont Scott, shot yesterday afternoon by a Charlotte police officer. Details are still forthcoming.

Protestors took to the streets last night full of anger and sadness.

Keith Lamont Scott; This picture was taken without permission from the Keith Lamont Scott memorial page.


Just a day after Terence Crutcher was shot by an officer in Tulsa Oklahoma, those details are still forthcoming as well but it appears in the video that Crutcher had his hands up as he stood near the driver side door of his car, another name has been added to the dreaded list.

Terence Crutcher

What has this world come to when it seems you can be killed for any reason by the same people who are supposed to protect you?

Is this racism? Is this a lack of proper training? Is there even an explanation?

At a time where some are angered by athletes not standing for the national anthem, are the same people angry at this? Is this not what Kaepernick said he is choosing to sit down over?

Are there¬†any answers here? This year isn’t over yet and it seems as if there has been one tragedy after another.

Is there any hope left in this world?

Alton Sterling: 1 of Many

Alton Sterling, 37, father of five.

Shot six times outside a convenience store by Baton Rogue Police.

Shot six times, after being tazed and handcuffed, already laying on the ground.

His supposed offense: selling CDs and having a gun on him.

Louisiana is an open-carry state.

Alton was a vendor, so selling CDs shouldn’t have been an issue either.

The video of the shooting surfaced on Twitter late Tuesday evening.

I was horrified by what I saw.

Alton Sterling’s name has been added to the dreadful list.

The list of African Americans that have been shot dead by the people who claim to protect and serve.

I don’t hate police. But as the quote goes, Evil prevails when good men do nothing.

When good officers and departments don’t remove the bad officers.These situations will keep happening.

These officers in Baton Rogue, just like the ones in Baltimore, NY, Akron, Texas, were placed on administrative leave.

Yet I am not hopeful that they will get more punishment than that.

Eric Garner had video footage, so did Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, and countless others.

All cases ended with acquittals or no charges even being filed.

Alton’s family appeared on MSNBC this morning. His eldest son broke down in tears, his wife, tried her best to not break down as well.

When will this end?

How many more names have to be added to the list, for people to wake up and realize that African Americans are in danger?

When we aren’t shooting each other over nonsense, cops are shooting us.

When will it stop?

As you go about your day, know that five kids are now without a father and a wife is without a husband.

Two police officers are on paid leave while Baton Rogue citizens take to the streets in protest.

Another family is ripped apart.

For what?



Mayhem in Orlando

Christina Grimmie, 22 years old, former The Voice contestant. Dead

50 people. The Pulse Nightclub. Dead.

Orlando, Florida. The latest location of the latest mass shooting.

Two shootings in the span of 48 hours.

Two places a mere few blocks from each other.

Christina Grimmie rose to fame via Youtube with song covers of various artists. She appeared on NBC’s The Voice finishing third during season 6. She was at her concert at The Plaza, as the supporting act behind the band Before You Exit.

She signed autographs, greeted fans. She was shot dead by a man she never knew.

He had two guns, three magazines. Planned to kill Christina and others. Yet was tackled by Christina’s brother. Then he took his own life.

2 AM. The Pulse Nightclub. A prominent LGBTQ gathering place. Party goers were celebrating Latin Night, as Pride month continues.

They thought the initial shots were part of the music. Until they heard more.

No one knew the man. He was armed with an assault rifle. Bent on killing.

50 people dead, 53 injured currently. The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


Why do people feel the need to kill. Why is it so commonplace in this country to hear about shootings and not bat an eye.

President Obama has been at a podium speaking on this too many times to count. Sandy Hook, Charleston, Fort Hood, the Navy Yard, Aurora, and more.

One report said he has had to speak 15 times about mass shootings, another report says 18.

Too many. Too many times. Too many lost lives.

For what?

America has shootings often. It is too much.

When will it end?

Will it ever end?

A 22 year old up and coming artist’s voice has been silenced and 50 other people voices as well.

Possible future Grammy winners, mothers, fathers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, professors, actors, advocates. Dead.

Futures lost. Lives stolen.

Do we talk about gun control, again?

Do we talk about mental illness?Islamic extremists? Christian extremists? Homophobia?

Where does the conversation begin again?

Do we wait for another mass shooting to have another conversation that does not get us anywhere?

What do we do? Here we are again. More dead. More lives lost. What do we do?

I don’t know if any of these questions can or will be answered.

I know I’m tired. I’m tired of innocence lost over foolishness.

Tired of being afraid to leave your home for fear of being shot by a madman or a crooked cop.

Tired. Just tired. We all are.

When will it end?

Hate crimes, injustice, terrorism.

When will it end?

Harambe the Gorilla and unattentive parents

A few days ago, a story hit the news regarding a child and gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. By now we have all seen the footage, read the articles, and listened to commentary after commentary.

Harambe, a silverback gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, and an already endangered species, was shot dead after a 3 year old child fell into the gorilla enclosure.

The question on everyone’s mind, did Harambe have to be killed?

As an endangered species, the silverback gorilla population has dwindled immensely over the years. So was it really necessary to kill yet another silverback gorilla?

When I first heard the story, my immediate response was, where the hell were the parents?!

How exactly did a child climb over THREE barriers to get into the enclosure without anyone seeing him?

Why weren’t the barriers more secure?

Some people are even calling for the parents to be charged with something. Neglect? Child endangerment?

I don’t totally disagre with that. Like where in the hell were ya’ll at when your kid was climbing into the enclosure? Like really? Where were ya’ll? I need some answers.

On the flip side though, Harambe was 400 pounds. Gorillas do have two times the strength of a human man. From the video clip, it looked like Harambe slung the boy as he picked him up. Tranqualizing a 400 pound animal may have made the situation worse.

Yet I still think the whole situation could have been avoided if the parents had been paying attention in the first place.

So what is the moral of this story? Should wild animals such as gorillas just be left in their own natural environments and not poached and brought to a zoo? Should parents be held responsible for failing to do their parental duty? Should we start putting kids on leashes when we go to busy places like zoos, amusement parks, and grocery stores?

I’m not sure if I have all the answers to these questions, but I can say that this would have been alot worse if both Harambe and the kid had died.