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The Villain

Dear Whomever,

I am the villain here, make no mistake.

I am your worst nightmare realized.

I am the one who keeps you up at night.

No, I don’t plan on being your friend.

Don’t think you can change me either.

You don’t have me figured out, that is why I am making this real clear for you.

I am not to be mistaken for an angel.

I am the devil.

Know that.

I am the villain.

You can try me if you want to.

I love a challenge.


Sincerest Regards,

Your Worst Fear

Before It Gets Hectic

Before it gets hectic, I want to tell you that it isn’t because of you.

I want you to know that you had no hand in this.

The storm was brewing before you got here.

Before it gets hectic, you need to know that you never could have helped me.

You never could have saved me.

They are going to ask you what happened.

They will ask you why.

You won’t have an answer, because you won’t know the answer.

There is nothing you could have done, I just thought I’d prepare you before it gets hectic.

Love you, goodbye


I Remember

I remember everything about you.

I remember the way your eyes would light up when you got excited.

I remember your smile.

I remember your soft skin.

I remember your laugh, you had a racious laugh.

I remember everything about you.

You mean everything to me.

You always will.

I remember that night.

I remember the rain falling down on my window.

I remember feeling breathless.

There had been an accident. The car lost control.

I lost you.

Your liver went to a kid in Montana.

Your heart went to a woman in Florida.

Your lungs helped a man with COPD.

Your eyes, those beautiful eyes, helped a woman see her children for the first time.

I thought I lost you, but I didn’t.

I remember everything about you and I always will.