Whose life is it anyway ?

I am an avid fan of music. I listen to practically any genre. I think music is a wonderful art form. Yeah I know many people detest rap because of the explicit lyrics, but rap is one genre that has been around for decades. Even though many rap songs degrade women and advocate violence and drug use, we should know that the rappers aren’t actually living the lifestyle they rap about. Many of us take the lyrics in the song at face value without actually looking at the person rapping the words. We think the lyrics in the song are absolutely true and that the rapper is everything they say they are in a 4 minute song. Just because T.I. or Young Jezzy rap about shooting someone or selling dope doesn’t mean they are currently doing it. They may have done so in their past before they got famous, but aren’t doing it now. Also, when rappers are rapping about how many females they have been with they may be lying. Even if they aren’t, why do we care. We can’t say we don’t like something, but constantly talk about it or listen to it. If you truly don’t like rap then just don’t listen to it. No one is forcing you to watch 106 & Park or listen to the local rap station so don’t. People spend so much time complaining about how they hate Lil Wayne or Jay-Z, when there are other rappers besides them who are popular and if you don’t like the other artists then don’t listen to the genre at all.

Why write a blog ?

I chose to begin a blog because I feel like I have more freedom to fully express myself. I do have a Facebook & Twitter account that I get on often. I just feel like some of my feelings need to be expressed in more than 140 characters. This is my first post up here so I am kind of new to it. I did hear that WordPress is the best site to create blogs so here I am. By now on Twitter or Facebook, I would have exceeded my character limit. LOL

Sharing My View of the World