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SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo: Album Review

Olivia Rodrigo burst onto the music scene with her debut album Sour. Fresh off the most recent season of High School Musical: The Series, Olivia caught everyone’s attention with the lead single, “Driver’s License”. The song became a hit on Tik Tok and that blasted Olivia to superstardom.

When I first sat down to listen to the album, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m certainly not the target demographic for Olivia’s album, but I found myself really getting into the songs. Olivia had also recently followed up the success of “Driver’s License” with the Paramore inspired pop/rock smash “Good 4 U”. That song is phenomenal.

Olivia credited Taylor Swift as one of her inspirations when making this album, and I definitely see it. The pop/rock feel of “Good 4 U” is followed by a soft ballad “enough for you”, which is another one of my favorites from the album.

Overall, I give this album, 5 stars. It is good from start to finish. My favorite tracks are: “Good 4 U”, “1 step forward, 3 steps back”, “deja vu”, “happier”, “enough for you”, and “jealousy, jealousy”.

Olivia had a great debut, and I look forward to what else she has to offer. She is definitely a star on the rise.

Watch Olivia’s MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Good 4 U” below

Planet HER Album Review

Doja Cat released her third studio album Planet HER a few weeks ago. I have been listening to Doja for only about a year and a half or so, Hot Pink was one of my favorite albums of 2019, so I was excited when she announced her third album was on the way. When I listen to an album for the first time, I listen all the way through, then I give the album a preliminary score. When I go back to listen a second and third time, is when I build out my song rankings and give it a final score.

Planet HER is a good album. My preliminary score was 9/10. The album has 14 songs. Doja put out a deluxe version a few days later that includes 3 new songs, I listened to it, but I’m not including them in my rankings or final review.


  1. I Don’t Do Drugs ft. Ariana Grande
  2. Alone
  3. Options ft. JID
  4. Love to Dream
  5. You Right ft. The Weekend
  6. Ain’t Shit
  7. Kiss Me More ft. SZA
  8. Payday ft. Yung Thug
  9. Been Like This
  10. Woman
  11. Naked
  12. Need to Know
  13. Get Into It(YUH)
  14. Imagine

Final Thoughts

I’m keeping the score at 9/10. I really loved the Ariana Grande feature. Ariana has been bodying her features lately. Planet HER is certainly going to be on my year end music review list. Doja did really well with this project. I’m excited to see the live performances of some of these songs. You can listen to Planet HER on all streaming platforms

Ed Sheeran Releases Third Album: Divide

If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran like I am, you were over the moon this past weekend when he released his third studio album, ÷ (Divide). Following the immense success of + (Plus), and × (Multiply), Ed took a year long break to work on his third album and it does not diasppoint.

Before his official album release, Ed released two singles, Castle on the Hill and Shape of You, earlier in the year. Both singles sit atop the Billboard Music charts as we speak. I love both songs.

÷ has 16 tracks. Each showcasing Ed’s vocal dexterity and his guitar licks. He harkens to his Irish roots with the song Galway Girl, a little ditty about meeting an Irish gal, that features a fiddle arraingement akin to Irish culture.

This album has a mix of upbeat songs and some slower songs reminiscent of some of the tracks on ×, Save Myself is one of the slower songs that I enjoyed.

I give ÷ an A, I am happy to have Ed back and I feel this album will be highly successful just like his previous two.


Shawn Mendes: Illuminate- Album Review

Hello All! It has been a while since I did an album review. My last one was on The Gifted by Wale.

Shopping in Target yesterday, I was on the hunt for a new album. Haven’t bought one since Adele last November.

Shawn Mendes, an artist whose work I have featured previously, had released his second studio album last month and luckily Target had a copy.

So I listened to the album throughout the night, and decided I’d do a review.

Album: Illuminate

Artist: Shawn Mendes

Tracks: 15, including the three bonus tracks

Grade: A

I have chosen to give this album an A because of Shawn’s artful croons and guitar licks. Each song deserves a grade, but it is 15 songs for goodness sake.

This album is for anyone who is a fan of pop music, love songs, or simply Shawn Mendes fans.

Shawn does a good job of conveying the emotions ellicited in each song. From heartbreak and regret that flows through Ruin to the annoyance of dealing with on and off relationships in Patience, his delivery is spot on and I applaud his range.

At 18, Shawn is considered young and new. Some may hold that against young artists, but since he has been doing this since 13, he is doing mighty fine. For this to be his second album, it is certainly top quality.

Best Tracks: Ruin (A+), Three Empty Words (A), Like This (A), No Promises (A), Roses (bonus track, A).

Feel free to go out and get Illuminate or buy it on iTunes or Google Play.