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More Names, More Pain

It hit close to home this time. Charlotte, NC just a few hours from where I reside. A man, a cop, death.

Keith Lamont Scott, shot yesterday afternoon by a Charlotte police officer. Details are still forthcoming.

Protestors took to the streets last night full of anger and sadness.

Keith Lamont Scott; This picture was taken without permission from the Keith Lamont Scott memorial page. https://www.facebook.com/R.I.PKeithLamontScott/


Just a day after Terence Crutcher was shot by an officer in Tulsa Oklahoma, those details are still forthcoming as well but it appears in the video that Crutcher had his hands up as he stood near the driver side door of his car, another name has been added to the dreaded list.

Terence Crutcher

What has this world come to when it seems you can be killed for any reason by the same people who are supposed to protect you?

Is this racism? Is this a lack of proper training? Is there even an explanation?

At a time where some are angered by athletes not standing for the national anthem, are the same people angry at this? Is this not what Kaepernick said he is choosing to sit down over?

Are there¬†any answers here? This year isn’t over yet and it seems as if there has been one tragedy after another.

Is there any hope left in this world?