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Being Woke and Identity Politics

Being woke has been a thing for a while. I’d say since 2013/2014 or so. It picked up heavily in 2016 with all that was going on that year. By the end of 2016 everyone was woke, including me. It really spread like a wildfire. For a time between 2017 and last year, it seemed as if everyone wanted to out-woke, one another. Person A was woke, but Person B was woke-er. Celebrities and media personalities started getting into wokeness, and then shit really hit the fan. Twitter was a wild site for a minute. I remember some of the fights that happened between liberal/woke celebrities and regular folks and conservative celebrities. It was funny and obnoxious. People were really fighting hard.

I grew tired of woke-ness when the pandemic hit in the midst of what would end up being one of the most embarrassing and absurd election cycles in recent history. Don’t get me wrong, the 2016 election cycle was bad, but last year’s cycle was even worse. People really were losing their shit last year. Woke-ness really was at an all time smug high. Everything became a test of who was woke. It got really annoying, really fast. During all this, identity politics had picked up speed as well. Before 2016, identity politics was a thing, but not so blunt in everyone’s face. From 2016 to last year, and even to today, identity politics permeates everything. Like woke-ness, identity politics is another barometer test. How many identities can you check off of a box. Person A is a cis-gender lesbian Black American, but Person B is a non-binary pansexual neuro-divergent Native American. You see the issue here. Everyone wants/needs a label if you are following the identity politics scheme.

Identity politics is obnoxious too. Instead of focusing on what qualities someone has, it focuses on small details of that person. Yes, your race, gender, sexuality is part of who you are, but it is not ALL that you are. Yet, this culture war wants everyone to believe that their race, gender, and sexuality is the most important thing ever. It isn’t. I understand the human need to be apart of something, but identity politics isn’t the way to go in my opinion. I don’t believe that identity politics is helpful. It causes more division than anything. I’m tired of division. It’s exhausting to be honest.

There has to be a better way to exist. The culture wars are annoying. The woke-ness is annoying. I’m Black yes, but that is not the end all be all to my identity. I want there to be a time in our lives where our race/gender/sexual orientation isn’t that big of a deal. We are like a pie, our race/gender/sexual orientation, are pieces of our pie. We are all humans first, and if we don’t come together, we will always be at war. When are we going to get tired of fighting one another?

Shelter in Place, Work, and Streaming

My city passed a shelter in place ordainance this past Wednesday. I  am essential employee so I’m not on full lockdown, thankfully. We’ve slowed down a bit at work but it’s still wild. On my days off I mostly stream content or play video games. I watched anime for the first time, as well as some of my main TV shows whose seasons just finished.

1. Black Lightning Season 3 (Netflix)

2. All American Season 2 (Netflix)

3. Beastars (Netflix)

4. Cells at Work (Netflix)

5. Devilman Crybaby (Netflix)

6. Always a Bridesmaid (Netflix)

7. Incredibles 2 (Netflix)

8. Steven Universe Future (Sling TV/Cartoon Network)

9. On My Block Season 3 (Netflix)

These are just what I’ve watched so far. I’m grateful that I still get to go to work because I can see how just sitting in the house day in and day out can get old real quick. I remember back in grade school and how bored I was during spring break, winter break, and summer vacation because it was the same stuff day after day.

Quick note on Steven Universe Future, the series finale was amazing. It came out last night and I loved it. I’ve loved this show since it first aired, and the finale did not disappoint.

What have you guys been doing during the quarantine? Feel free to comment below.


COVID-19 and Our New Reality

This past week has been hectic. The news of COVID-19 has been non-stop. The panic is all around. I’m good though. No need to panic. I am fortunate to not be out of work. Schools across the country have shut down. Businesses are closing or reducing their hours. Restaurants are changing to delivery and take out service. Conventions have been cancelled. TV shows and movies have halted production. The world has essentially stopped.

There is good reason for all these changes though. Trying to stop the spread of COVID-19 is a top priority, as it should be. Unfortunately, many people still aren’t taking this seriously. Even though I am not panicked, I am taking appropriate precautions. Whatever happens going forward, we have reached a new reality. COVID-19 has already changed life as we know it and will continue to.