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The Visit

She sits on the couch in the sparsely lit room. It had been months since she started and even she didn’t believe there was much progress being made. The therapist looks at her cautiously, waiting for a response. She wasn’t paying any attention. Her mind had drifted back to that night.

It was a cool June night, she was walking with some friends laughing and joking. They stopped short when they saw the commotion.

Cop cars were everywhere, people had gathered in the streets while some neighbors looked out their windows. As they walked closer, she discovered what the commotion was about. There on the sidewalk, she saw him. His hands cuffed behind his back as cops lifted him off the curb.

She looked up to see her front door wide open. The paramedics were rolling a stretcher toward the door with a black bag on top. Before she realized it, she was running, past the onlookers, past the police tape. She stopped just as the paramedics lifted the stretcher over the final step. “Can I see, please let me see!” The paramedic looked somberly at her, he unzipped the bag, she wept.

Now as she sat here, tears welling in her eyes, she looked at the therapist, “I can’t do it doc, I can’t.” She sat back on the couch, letting the tears finally fall. “I’m sorry doc, I’m sorry. I know this isn’t working. We aren’t making any progress.” The therapist looked at her, “No, it’s OK, you are doing better. This isn’t going to be easy, it will take some time.”

She looked off toward the window. “I don’t want to remember. I want it to go away. Why did this happen?”

The therapist passed her a tissue.

The session was over. She would return next week.


The Last Entry

November 21, 1963

I have to go to Texas today. I need to start setting my platform for next year’s campaign. With all that is going on with Lyndon, I worry I may need to find a new VP to run with next year.

Jackie and I will be touching down in San Antonio first. I’ll make my rounds in Houston, Fort Worth, and Dallas as well. I really hope I will be home for John Jr.’s birthday. I saw him crying whwn we left on Air Force One this morning. I hate to see him cry. I know the people in Texas don’t like me much. Much of the Texas Democratic Party doesn’t like me or Lyndon and he is from this state. We have to find some common ground in order to have a chance at winning Texas next year.

Jackie is worried about all of this, but I reassured her that everything will be fine. It is getting late, we had a long day today. We will ride through Dallas tomorrow before I have to go to that luncheon. I am tired of the friction between everyone, I hope we can sort it all out tomorrow.

The Villain

Dear Whomever,

I am the villain here, make no mistake.

I am your worst nightmare realized.

I am the one who keeps you up at night.

No, I don’t plan on being your friend.

Don’t think you can change me either.

You don’t have me figured out, that is why I am making this real clear for you.

I am not to be mistaken for an angel.

I am the devil.

Know that.

I am the villain.

You can try me if you want to.

I love a challenge.


Sincerest Regards,

Your Worst Fear

To Jump|Daily Prompt

It was before dawn on a Sunday morning. They had wanted to do this for weeks.

Finally they would get their chance.

They rode to the base, prepared to make that tough uphill climb.

Diane,44 and Marcus, 28. They had met at a work party.

They climbed the hill in silence. 

As the sun peaked over the hills, Diane and Marcus reached the top.

Maecus gave Diane a sly smile, Diane smiled back.

He grabbed her hand and began to count.

1, 2, 3…..

via Daily Prompt: Jump

Before It Gets Hectic

Before it gets hectic, I want to tell you that it isn’t because of you.

I want you to know that you had no hand in this.

The storm was brewing before you got here.

Before it gets hectic, you need to know that you never could have helped me.

You never could have saved me.

They are going to ask you what happened.

They will ask you why.

You won’t have an answer, because you won’t know the answer.

There is nothing you could have done, I just thought I’d prepare you before it gets hectic.

Love you, goodbye