Updates & Feelings

So its been a minute since I posted up here. I am awaiting acceptance or rejection letters for grad school. Volunteering at the hospital and shadowing doctors. I would say I am still uncertain about which way to go, which I guess won’t be remedied until I get those letters. I could stress about it but instead I just try to make it through everyday. Try not to pressure myself so much. Currently don’t feel as if I am being pressured by others. They know what I have done and what I am doing. It’s a waiting game for me … Continue reading Updates & Feelings

In this new year

In this new year, I want to make concrete decisions about my future. In this new year, I want to have hope, confidence, and faith. I am praying again. Days are tough sometimes. I still have doubts, fear, and moments of despair. Trying to overcome them. It is only January, hopefully things will get better. I cling to that hope. Music is still getting me through. TV as well. Loose ends haven’t been tied up yet, might not be til April, if I make it that long. Not sure about too much of anything. I don’t want my life to … Continue reading In this new year