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Thank You Mr. President

In 2008 you ran on a platform of hope and change. Eight years later you still have hope for a country that is pressumably about to go into peril and disarray.

A young Black man with a funny name and extensive resumé, ascended to the highest position in the land. You are the first, but I fear you will be the last.

You showed class as people ran your name through the mud, disrespected you and your family, treated you like you weren’t the President of the United States.

They claimed you didn’t love America. You proved them wrong by your accomplishments.

The national unemployment rate was lowered. Jobs were added.

Don’t Ask Dont Tell was repealed.

The Affordable Care Act gave thousands of Americans health coverage.

Immigrant children were able to pursue their American dream with DACA.

The Defense of Marriage Act was repealed.

Osama Bin Laden was killed.

You repaired the relationship with Cuba.

You gave us your all. You left everything on the field.

I thank you. Thank you for the legacy you are leaving behind.

Thank you for inspiring us. Thank you for still having hope.

Thank you Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Jr.