Daily Prompt: Whispers

In response to today’s Daily Prompt.

Whispers are those little sayings in your head or out of someone else’s mouth, that make you question all you have ever known.

Those whispers make it hard for you to sleep, hard for you to look in the mirror each day.

Those whispers keep you quiet and suffering in silence.

Those whispers.

Those whispers make you feel like you are drowning. Like you can’t swim up to the top no matter how hard you flail your arms.

Those whispers take lives. Destroy families. Break marriages.

Those whispers are sometimes so loud, you can’t hear anything else.

No matter how many times you are told good things, those whispers cause you to believe lies.

Those whispers can sometimes come from the people you thought cared about you. The people you tried so hard to love.

Those whispers. They hurt. Like pouring salt in an open wound.

Stabbing, twisting the knife. Those whispers pierce your heart. Shred it to pieces.

You are left bleeding out on the floor. Those whispers took your soul and replaced it with the demons you tried so hard to outrun.

Those whispers.

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