Scars: Daily Prompt

Scars can be visible and invisible. Time does not always heal all wounds. Some wounds can seem just as fresh and raw as when you were first hurt.

I was born too early. I have had many surgeries. A piece of my rib was cut to be placed in my throat so my airway could be expanded. I have a tiny little scar under my right breast. I have a scar on my neck.

When I was about 8, I fell off my bike. I busted my knee. Thankfully I didn’t need surgery for that. The scar is still there. It looks like a tiny little country.

When I was about 12 I fell again. I was jumping rope this time. Busted my elbow. You can’t even really see that scar. But it is there.

Throughout school I was bullied. Those scars are invisible, but I know they are there. I was called awful names and treated horribly. My self esteem took a hit that I am still recovering from.

It’s the invisible scars that take the most time to heal. It’s all the times I was called ugly or stupid. It’s the times where I felt less than a human being. The times where I didn’t think there was a point to waking up anymore.

My knee healed up in a few weeks. My elbow too. But those scars from the bullying were the hardest to heal. They are still healing.

We all have scars and they can be hard to heal. Scars are part of our story. They are part of our life journey.

Sometimes I don’t like my scars, particulalry the invisible ones, but I know it is all part of a bigger plan. At least that is my hope.

The scars do not define me. I am learning more about that each day. That these scars I have do not make or break me. I am more than my past. So are you. Yes we have scars, but we are not to be defined by our scars. They are just a small part of our big stories.

Daily Prompt


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