No Direction | Daily Prompt

He use to have dreams.

He wanted to be a pilot.

He dreamed of flying planes.

He had spent hours as a kid building model planes.

He read book after book on planes, being a pilot, and traveling the world.

He wanted to be a pilot.

He didn’t have much of a plan but he knew he needed to go to pilot school.

He even considered joing the Air Force.

He went to pilot school.

He passed with flying colors.

The irony.

He was doing what he always wanted to do.

He achieved his dreams.

He met his wife in those skies.

They had two boys.

Life was good.

Then his youngest got sick.

At first, they thought it was the flu.

His fever was climbing.

They rushed him to the hospital.

He fell into a coma.

They placed him on life support.

He died two weeks later.

He was only 6 years old.

This man never thought he would lose his son.

His wife was devestated.

His oldest son was hurt and angry. Blaming God for the loss.

He fell into a depression.

He stopped talking to his wife.

He stopped flying.

He didn’t come home for days.

Three, four days at a time he’d be gone.

Off to another place.

To forget. To stop the pain.

She watched him self destruct.

She wanted to leave him.

Too many nights, he’d been gone.

Too many missed flights.

His grief turned to anger.

Anger that could only be quelled with broken dishes and holes in walls.

He slapped her one night in a drunken furry.

She packed up and left. Took the oldest boy with her.

Two weeks later he got divorce papers in the mail.

He lost himself more at that point.

He visited the corner.

Alcohol wasn’t enough anymore.

He needed something stronger.

Something that would make him forget.

Forget his dead son. Forget his broken marriage. Forget he was a pilot.

He flew high now. But it wasn’t in a plane.

He’d inject the drug into his viens.

He spent hours high. Just to forget.

When he was out. He’d go search for more.

He’d do anything to get more.

He had no direction anymore.

All his dreams were dead.

Crushed like the drugs he shot into his viens.

He was aimlessly drifting through life.

He didn’t know what to do anymore but get high.

So that is all he did.

The paramedics found him alone.

Sprawled on the bathroom floor in some sleazy motel.

They notified his wife and son.

The funeral was nice.

He was buried next to his son.






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