Afraid to Answer

They walked into the room in disarray. Toppled chairs, papers all over the floor. An open laptop still warm on the desk.

What happened?

One peek over the desk and it seemed they had their answer.

Sprawled on the floor was the body of Attorney Mark Sampson, riddled with bullets.

Attorney Sampson was known as an inimitable lawyer, confident without an air of cockiness.

Every case he tried, he won. His colleagues adored him, superiors praised him, people looked up to him. He was by all accounts, the model professional.

Yet, in this little town it was hard for some to believe he was as perfect as he seemed.

Rumors swirled that he was hiding something. A mistress? Prostitutes? Drugs? Some going as far as to say he was on the run and assumed someone else’s identity.

As investigators stood processing the scene, they began to wonder too. Who could have killed such a beloved attorney? Was he hiding something like many in town believed? Was this revenge by someone he sent to prison?

The investigation was launched immediately and with much attention paid to it. Investigators left no stone unturned.

They interviewed his wife. Talked to his colleagues and supervisors. Reviewed his cases. They were coming up with nothing.

Higher ups increased the pressure. Why wasn’t there any leads? What had they not looked at?

Investigators had hit a dead-end. Would this case not be solved?

Three months passed without another clue.

One evening the phone at the police headquarters rings.

Someone had information on the murder of Attorney Mark Sampson and what they revealed would turn this town upside down and uncover secrets once thought to be buried forever.



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