To Jump|Daily Prompt

It was before dawn on a Sunday morning. They had wanted to do this for weeks.

Finally they would get their chance.

They rode to the base, prepared to make that tough uphill climb.

Diane,44 and Marcus, 28. They had met at a work party.

They climbed the hill in silence. 

As the sun peaked over the hills, Diane and Marcus reached the top.

Maecus gave Diane a sly smile, Diane smiled back.

He grabbed her hand and began to count.

1, 2, 3…..

via Daily Prompt: Jump

2 thoughts on “To Jump|Daily Prompt

  1. Heyy, I went ahead and nominated you for the “versatile blogger award” I really do not know if this means anything to you or if you’ve been already given the honour, but I know this much, that you deserve it🙂 Lots of love and here is the link to my latest post explaining all the details about it and how you can participate –


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